In 2012, we sought out to create a restaurant that would showcase the best of Asian cuisine and at the same time, embody the warmth of Asian food-culture. There was no better way of sharing that vision than with a buffet. Since that day we’ve had over 7 years of experience bringing the best of Asian cuisine together into one extraordinary, all-inclusive dining experience. You’ll find everything from a fresh Japanese sushi bar & teppanyaki grill, to authentic regional cuisines from China such as hand-carved Peking duck or flavorful sautéed Dungeness crab. As we were often encouraged by our families, we too encourage our guests to try everything, and eat more!

About Us

There's so many items that range from so many different cuisines such as satay, peking duck buns, dim sum, sushi, seafood, and much more. The dessert station also has tons of options as well which range from fruits to cakes to freshly made crepes and a chocolate fountain! They also have green tea and vanilla soft serve which I actually really enjoyed because it was really creamy unlike other spots I've tried which came out as more grainy.


Emily C

Huge variety of food! Sushi, raw clams & oysters, meat dishes and dessert bar. Almost all of it, at least what I was able to try before I exploded, was very tasty. It was very crowded, which means a quick turnaround in the food being replenished, so it was very fresh. I will definitely come back. Worth the money.


Sandy C

This place is amazing!!! We just had our daughter's first birthday party here and it was a hit! They let us in an hour ahead of time to work on the decorations, arrange tables the way we want, and the staff was very accommodating and helpful. Our party had over 100 guests and everyone had a good time. Food was good, lighting was perfect with the large windows and made the decor look amazing.


Nora L